Leon's Carpet Pros

Absolutely the finest Service since 1987


Carpet Cleaning

$120 minimum 

.40 sq/ft

Floor Prep for Carpet Cleaning

Debris /pre vacuuming cleanup related to carpet cleaning $1.25 per minute per person

Area Rug

$.50 sq ft synthetic fibers or $1 sq ft wool


$10 linear foot synthetic, $15 linear foot natural

Carpet pad

Starting at $0.45 sq ft

Carpet/Pad Installation

$.85 per sq ft


$65.00 per day $195 minimum


$30.00 per day


$4 for each

Standard Floor Fans

$35 per day $105 minimum

Large Floor Fans

$50 per day $150 minimum

Flood Clean-up Machine Hours

$60 per hour

Flood Clean-up Man Hours

$90 per hr/$120 per hr after 4pm and on weekends $160 on holidays minimum 4 hours


$3 Per Minute $90 minimum in Lawrence and $120 within 25 miles of Lawrence

Heat Transfer Treatment

$2.50 per Oz.

Ozone Treatment

$30 per day

Biological Hazard Cleanup

$200 Man Hour

Reducer Strip Installation

$5.00 Per foot

Tack Strip Installation on concrete

$2.50 per foot

Tack Strip installation on haydite fireproof flooring

$2.50 per foot

Tack Strip installation on wood

$1.50 per foot

Emergency calls will be a 4hr minimum after 4:00 pm on weekdays, & anytime on weekends and holidays